Eliphalet Wayne Bryant

The following comes from Rev. T.H. Ball's 1904 Encyclopedia of Genealogy and Biography of Lake County, Indiana, with a Compendium of History, 1834-1904:
The following was found on page 46 of The History of Lake County, Volume 10, a publication of the Lake County Historical Association, 1929:
Page 53 of Rev. T.H. Ball's Lake County, Indiana, from 1834 to 1872 lists Elias Bryant, J. Wiggins, Nancy Agnew, widow, and E.W. Bryant as settlers in Sec. 6, Township 35, Range 7 in the spring of 1835. On page 51 he is listed as having been elected Justice of the Peace for South Township in 1837. On page 173, in the "Extracts from the Marriage Record of Lake County," it shows him as officiating as J.P. in the marriage of Alfred D. Foster and Emeline Hathaway on April 4, 1839. And on page 208 is the information that in 1839 commissioners appointed E.W. Bryant, Ephraim Hitchcock and Orrin Smith as township trustees for Congressional Township Thirty-three, Range eight.

On pages 77-78 there is a lengthier story about E. Wayne Bryant:

The following was found on pages 190-191 in Rev. T.H. Ball's Lake County, Indiana, 1884: An Account of the Semi-Centennial Celebration of Lake County, September 3 and 4, with Historical Papers and Other Interesting Records Prepared for this Volume:
The following information on pages 13-15 of T.H. Ball's The Sunday Schools of Lake: An Account of the Commencement and Growth of the Sunday Schools of Lake County, Indiana, from about 1840 to 1890 illustrates the difficulty of reconstructing local history: page 13-15
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