Samuel Phelps Hull

The following undated, unidentified newspaper articles were found in a copy of Helen Craft's Scrapbook at the Lowell Public Library:

* NOTE -- Because the dates in the copy of this article were so difficult to read, the cemetery records kept at the Lowell Public Library were consulted. These records show Samuel P. Hull (1817-1898) buried next to his wife Emaline (Castle) Hull (1820-1898) in row R20 of the Cedar Creek Cemetery, which is a small section located in the southeast corner of the Lowell Memorial Cemetery. The year of death, 1899, was very clear in the scrapbook article, but since the article was not identified, it could not be checked to see if this was a tyopgraphical error. On the other hand, the error could also be in the cemetery records book, which was done by volunteers.

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