Benjamin McCarty

This August 28, 1952, Lowell Tribune article appeared on page 6, column 6 in time for the Lowell centennial celebraion:
Parts of Rev. T.H. Ball's Lake County, Indiana, 1884: An Account of the Semi-Centennial Celebration of Lake County, September 3 and 4, with Historical Papers and Other Interesting Records Prepared for this Volume show the Benjamin McCarty family's movement from Porter to Lake County Indiana:
The following was found on pages 65-66 of Rev. T.H. Ball's 1904 Encyclopedia of Genealogy and Biography of Lake County, Indiana, with a Compendium of History, 1834-1904:

More information on how the county seat was chosen was found on page 13 of this volume:

Another slant on the county seat selection was found on pages 52-53 of The History of Lake Couinty, Volume 10, a publication of the Lake County Historical Association, 1929:
The following was found on page 85 of Rev. T.H. Ball's Lake County, Indiana, from 1834 to 1872: Information on Lewis Warriner on page 287 states, "In 1839 he was elected a member of the Indiana Legislature to represent Lake and Porter Counties, his competitors being, it is believed, L. Bradley, of City West, and B. McCarty, of Valparaiso."

On pages 319-320 there is more about Benjamin McCarty:

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