August H. Miller (1836-1903)

(NOTE: The family's genealogy book lists his full name as Simon Heinrich August Miller.)

The West Creek Cemetery Index lists August H. Miller, Father, as having been born on September 11, 1836 and having died December 9, 1903. (NOTE: His wife's obituary lists his death date as being Dec. 3, 1903.) He is buried in row S14. Other Millers burried in this cemetery include the following:

Caroline Miller Aug. 31, 1846 Aug. 3, 1879 S14
George Miller 1877 1960 S14
Katherine Miller 1880 1962 S14
Louise M. Miller, Mother May 5, 1846 May 19, 1930 S14
Sylvia Rudolph Miller 1904 1990 C5
Vernon H. Miller 1903 1970 C5
William Miller Feb. 6, 1833 Apr. 29, 1885 S12

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