Cemetery Records for the Ritter Family

The following cemetery indexes, located in a local history collection at Lowell Public Library, were checked for the Ritter name:

Aaron Ritter 1y, 14d 10-08-1854 West creek Cemetery S5 son of J.F. & S.C.E.
Abraham Ritter 02-11-1806 09-01-1879 West Creek Cemetery S5 73y, 8m, 20d
Annie Ritter 83y, 7m, 12d 10-22-1889 West Creek Cemetery S5 --
Dorathy Ritter 1882 07-05-1982 Holy Name Cemetery NE8 Ellen Brady Marker
Elizabeth M. Ritter 13y, 10m, 26d 11-18-1854 West Creek Cemetery S5 dau. of A. & A.
George W. Ritter -- 1867 West Creek Cemetery S5 son of A. & A. Ritter
infant -- -- West Creek Cemetery S5 child of J.F. & S.C. Ritter
John Ritter 1915 1977 German Methodist Episcopal Cemetery C8 --
Kenneth Ritter -- -- Holy Name Cemetery NE8 --
Merriett L. Ritter 1870 1940 Orchard Grove Cemetery R13 --
Ruth Ritter 1915 -- German Methodist Episcopal Cemetery C8 --

Last updated on June 24, 2008.

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