Obadiah Taylor I

This August 28, 1952, Lowell Tribune article, appeared on page 11, columns 5-6: * NOTE -- In this article the death year of Obadiah Taylor I was listed as 1843. Elsewhere, however, Miss Vinnedge listed his death year as 1839. Here is an explanation from Town Historian Richard Schmal: "Miss Ethel Vinnedge, who was the "Creston Historian" and a member of the Taylor Clan gave these stats to the DAR in the 1950's: 'West Point Cemetery was located on the Lowell-Cedar Lake road at the point where the east and west road runs into the north south road and over the hill is the old location of West Point Cemetery. It is just south of the Kennedy Hotel.'"

Mr. Schmal notes that this is the area of old Colemans Corner, where the Crown Point road meets Morse street. He further explains: "Much later the few pioneer remains were removed (even the hill and the hotel are gone, new buildings are being built) to a site south of the McArthur School at Cedar Lake on what I think was also the Taylor family farm land and near the old Taylor ice house. A new marker is there as well as a speaker's stand."

This is how he was listed by Miss Vinnedge -- "Taylor, Obadiah(1) ; 1762-1839

Other graves listed from the original West Point:

Another name is written by hand on the record: Franklin Edgerton, son of Horace and Betsy Taylor Edgerton, died 1842

The following research was done by David T. Berns, a four-times great-grandson of Obadiah Taylor:
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