Christina "Tina" Uhter Worley (1871-1960)
Mrs. John Henry Worley

The following January 10, 1952, Lowell Tribune article was found on page 7, column 4:
The following Aug. 12, 1954, Lowell Tribune article was found on page 2, column 3:
The following May 5, 1960, Lowell Tribune article was found on page 1, column 2: NOTE: Probably the name "Mrs. Ross Etzel" was a typographical error. The name should have been "Mrs. Rose Etzel." Also, in this article, the birthdate of Christina Uhter Worley was listed as Jan. 7, 1871. The cemetery book at the library lists her birth year as 1870, as copied from the gravestone.

The actual death certificate of Christina Worley (State No. 013302) shows the following: She died Apr. 29, 1960, in Gary Methodist Hospital in Lake County. Born to Henry Uhter and Sophia Schmedica in Lowell on Jan. 7, 1871, she was 89 years old when she died. She was a housewife. This information was provided by her daughter, Mrs. Mary Reed of Schneider.

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