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New Library Catalog FAQ

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Learn more about Lowell Public Library’s New Library Catalog! (Currently Under Construction)

Table of Contents:

  • About the New Catalog
  • Signing in to Your Account
  • Using the New Catalog
  • Reading History
  • Construction Stage
  • Troubleshooting
  • More Information

About the New Catalog

  • What’s new?
    • The new catalog is designed to be a “one-stop shop” when searching for the various resources available through the library. (Keep reading to find out more!)
  • What was wrong with the old catalog?
    • Nothing at all, and it is still available! But the new catalog has extra features that will give you an even better online catalog experience.
  • What types of extra features does the new catalog have?
    • The new catalog is designed to gather as many of the library’s physical and digital items together as possible so that you can view them all in one place. For example, if you search for “The Berenstain Bears” in the new catalog, you might find items that are available in
      • Our library and other Evergreen libraries
      • Libby
      • Hoopla
      • (and eventually Kanopy, too!)
  • Will I still see digital items (eBooks and eAudiobooks) in the Evergreen app or the old catalog?
    • No, only physical items will be seen in the Evergreen app/old catalog going forward. It is no longer necessary for the Evergreen team to add digital items to the old catalog, because the new catalog does such an awesome job of connecting all types of items (and more of them!). You can still use the Evergreen app to view and place holds on physical items, view the physical items you have checked out on your account, access your digital library card, etc. (Everything else in the Evergreen app is staying the same.)
  • Is there a new app?
    • Not at the moment.

Signing in to Your Account

Using the New Catalog

  • Can I see what items I currently have checked out?
    • Yes! You can see all items currently checked out, including Libby and Hoopla items.
  • Can I create my own lists and save my searches?
    • Yes!
  • Can I place items on hold through the new catalog?
    • Yes!

Reading History

  • Will the new catalog save my reading history?
    • It can if you want it too! But since it is a new catalog, you will need to activate that option first. Select the hamburger menu (the three little horizontal bars toward the top right of the screen), select “My Account,” and then select “Reading History” from the “My Account” menu (located on the left side of the screen for desktops/other larger screens or under the icon that looks like a person for mobile devices). If you want to track your reading history, select “Start Recording My Reading History.”
  • What about my old reading history? Will it transfer over to the new catalog?
    • It appears that most history transfers over, but not necessarily all of it.
  • Will I lose any of my old reading history?
    • No, your full reading history will still be available when you access your account through the current Classic Catalog (which will still be available even after the new catalog is fully rolled out).

Construction Stage

  • The new catalog sounds exciting! Can I try it out?
    • Absolutely! Our new catalog is located at Feel free to explore it and get familiar with it! Just keep in mind that the new catalog is still under construction and does not yet contain all of our items. Therefore, it may occasionally not show items that we actually do have in the library. Experiment with the new catalog all you want, but if you need something specific, check the old catalog (AKA the Classic Catalog) if you don’t see it in the new catalog.


  • I searched for an item that I know the library has, but I did not find it in the new catalog. Why?
    • The new catalog is still under construction (see “Construction Stage”).
  • I tried to use the new catalog to borrow an item from Libby, but I got an error message saying the catalog could not connect to Overdrive. Why?
    • This can be a glitch that happens if your username for your account is different from your library card number. (This is not common and would only happen if you have changed your username in your Evergreen account in the past.) Try logging in to the new catalog with your library card number and current PIN instead of your username and PIN to see if that helps. (NOTE: You do not have to “fix” your username in your Evergreen account; the new catalog team is working to correct this issue. In the meantime, though, you should be able to use your library card number to access all materials in the new catalog.) If you are still having issues, give us a call at 219-696-7704 to see if we can resolve the issue.

More Information

  • The new catalog sounds interesting, but I really like the the old catalog, even though it no longer has digital items. Will I still be able to use it after you fully switch to the new catalog?
    • Absolutely! We plan to keep a link to the current catalog (AKA the Classic Catalog). The Classic Catalog can be accessed from the new catalog page through the hamburger menu (the three little horizontal bars toward the top right of the screen). You can also log in to your account from the Classic Catalog page if you want to view older reading history that might not show up in the new catalog (read more under “Reading History”).



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