Jonah Thorn (1813-1899)

Obituary of Jonah Thorn from a newspaper called the Tribune:

Cemetery indexes at the Lowell Public Library show that Jonah Thorn (Dec. 31, 1813-Sept. 5, 1899) was buried at Cedar Creek Cemetery in Row R18, next to his first wife, Phoebe Richmond Thorn (Mar. 24, 1816-Nov. 11, 1863).

This March 27, 1952, Lowell Trbune article was found on page 1, column 1:
The following August 28, 1952, Lowell Tribune article appeared on page 11, columns 1-2:

*NOTE Although this article states that Jonah Thorn married the widow of Jabez Clark in 1855, this is incorrect. For one thing, Jabez Clark didn't die until 1876. For another, according to Mr. Thorn's obituary (at the beginning of this page), he had five wives, the last one being the widow of Jabez Clark. The 1855marriage date likely refers to one of his other wives.

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