William Barringer Brown (1843-1924)

The following is from Counties of Porter and Lake, Indiana: Historical and Biographical © 1882, page 603: * NOTES
-- Although this source listed Mr. Brown's mother as Eliza A. (Barringer) Brown, other sources give her middle initial as "M." The Brown family tree, sent by descendant Renee Genovese, uses the name "Eliza Ann."
-- This article puts the death date of W.B. Brown as June 18, 1843, but the family tree done by Mrs. Genovese puts it as June 17, 1843.

This Jan. 1, 1925, Lowell Tribune article appeared on page 1, column 6: * NOTES
-- Although this article indicates that William Barringer Brown died in Dec. 1924, the family tree done by Mrs. Genovese lists the year as 1929, probably a typographical error.
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