John Brown (1840-1924)

The following is from Counties of Porter and Lake, Indiana: Historical and Biographical 1882, pages 602-3:
The following was found on page 260 of Lake County, Indiana, From 1834 to 1872 by Rev. T.H. Ball:
From The Lowell Tribune, part of the story entitled "Shelby School Notes" Dec. 27, 1917, page 4, column 4:
The following unidentified newspaper article about a dinner honoring John Brown comes from the collection of Dave Moore:

* NOTE -- George B. Baly, one of the guests at the dinner, was probably actually George B. Bailey.

The following information came from the book Encyclopedia of Genealogy and Biography of Lake County, Indiana (pages 168-170) by Rev. T.H. Ball, 1904:
Although newspaper and book information indicate that John Brown had been a prisoner of war at Andersonville during the Civil War, he is not officially recognized as one. Following is an National Park Service Volunteer/Andersonville Historian's explanation:

The same Andersonville volunteer/historian added the following information about Stoneman and the prisoners of war at Andersonville:

The following Nov. 13, 1924, Lowell Tribune article was found on page 1, column 4:
A copy of this article from an unknown source can be found in the Local History Files at the Lowell Public Library (LH--Vital Statistics, vol. 3, page 16):
A copy of the following undated article was found in a scrapbook owned by Town Historian Richard Schmal:
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