Lovina Surprise Vandercar Cohoe (1842-1927)
(Mrs. Vandercar; Mrs. Charles Cohoe)

The following unidentified newspaper article was one of several in a collection of Lowell Town Historian Richard Schmal:

* NOTE -- The article below has the twins' names as Lovina and Melvina (instead of Alvina).

The following information comes from the Surprise family CD-Rom created by Janet Umlauf: * NOTE -- In the March 30, 1983, "Pioneer History" column, Richard Schmal lists the husband ot Lovina (twin of Alvina) as "Charles Cohoe" rather than "John." He was using the name as it appeared on some Surprise family sheets given to him by Beatrice Horner-Castrogiovanni.
The following July 7, 1927, Lowell Tribune article appeared on page 1, column 4:
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