Peter Surprise (1794-1903)

The following undated, unidentified newspaper article was found in a copy of Helen Craft's Scrapbook at the Lowell Public Library. Unfortunately, the picture that accompanied the story was of too poor a quality to copy here.

* NOTE -- In other articles, it was Solon Robinson (not Solomon) before whom Peter Surprise took out naturalization papers.

Obituary of Peter Surprise--unknown source. Clipping found at Lowell Public Library (LH--Vital Statistics, Vol. 1, p. 48.):
This obituary of Peter Surprise, from an unknown source, was found in the Clipping Files at Lowell Public Library (LH--Vital Statistics, Vol. 2, p. 42):
This Aug. 28, 1952, Lowell Tribune obituary (page 25) of Peter Surprise was also found in the clipping files at Lowell Public Library (LH--"Vital Statistics," Vol. 2, p. 79):

* NOTE -- In this article and the next one, the funeral director was listed as C.E. Bunyon. His name was actually Claude Binyon.

This unidentified article came fromt he collection of Gwen Weiner:
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