Dudley Y. Merrill (1814-1890)

The following information comes from Lake County, Indiana, from 1834 to 1872 by Rev. T.H. Ball, published in 1873.
Lake County, Indiana, 1884: An Account of the Semi-Centennial Celebration of Lake County, September 3 and 4, with Historical Papers and Other Interesting Records Prepared for This Volume, T.H. Ball (editor and publisher) listed (page 370) Lake County settlers for 1836 as "Dudley Merrill, Charles Marvin, D.C. Taylor, H.R. Nichols, N. Wood."

The following was taken from History of Lake County, Volume 10, which was a publication of the Lake County Historical Association and came out in 1929. The first paragraph of a section entitled "Merrillville," written by Hiram Barton, mentions Dudley Merrill:
The following comes from the 1904 Encyclopedia of Genealogy and Biography of Lake County, Indiana, with a Compendium of History, 1834-1904 by Rev. T.H. Ball.
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