Friedrich Simon "Fred" Miller (1872-1956)

(NOTE: The family's genealogy book lists his name as Friedrich Simon Miller.)

The following article comes from the March 29, 1902, Lowell Souvenir (page 6, column 3), which can be found in the Local History Files in the drawer labeled "Old Newspapers":
This excerpt from a March 1, 1917, Lowell Tribune article about events at the high school was found on page 1, column 2:
This March 15, 1917, Lowell Tribune article was found on page 1, column 1: Another article in the same issue (page 6, column 2) follows:
A copy of the following unidentified newspaper article was found in a scrapbook owned by Town Historian Richard Schmal:

* NOTE -- One of the survivoros, listed in this article as "Mrs. Leno Lindemer," is actually "Lena Lindemer."

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