Percy Howard Surprise (1896-1918)

Transcript of the last letter Percy Surprise wrote home before his death:
The following information comes from the Surprise family CD-Rom created by Janet Umlauf:
The following Lake County Star article, from Oct. 18, 1918, was found in the Lowell Public Library local history file (LH--Vital Statistics, vol. 5, page 1):
from The Lowell Tribune, Oct. 24, 1918:

A photocopy of the following article from an unknown source can be found in the Local History Files at the Lowell Public Library (LH--Vital Statistics, vol. 2, page 34):

*NOTE -- Lola Surprise's middle initial was actually "M," according to her granddaughter, Jan Umlauf, who writes "Lola's name was Lola Montez Ragon, so it would be Lola M. Ragon Surprise and not Lola N."

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