Lola Montez Ragon Surprise (1875-1955)
(Mrs. Ernest A. Surprise)

This August 31, 1916, Lowell Tribune article was found on page 10, column 3:
The following information comes from the Surprise family CD-Rom created by Janet Umlauf:
The following May 12, 1955, Lowell Tribune article was found on page 1, columns 2-3: .
The following article, found in the Lowell Public Library clipping files (LH-Vital Statistics--vol. 2, page 35) was attributed to the May 13, 1955, Star:
The following newspaper article, hand-identified as being from the May 8, 1955, Post Tribune, was found in a scrapbook owned by Town Historian Richard Schmal:

Another article from the same scrapbook is hand-dated as being from the May 11, 1955, Post Tribune. In this article, she is listed as having 16 grandchildren, rather than ten.

* NOTE -- Lola Ragon Surprise's father's name was actually Henry Harrison Ragon, not Harold H. Ragon.

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