Mamie Tanner Worley (1881-1967)
(Mrs. Benjamin Frank Worley)

The following August 31, 1950, Lowell Tribune article was found on page 1, column 5:
This June 15, 1967, Lowell Tribune article was found in the Lowell Public Library's local history clipping files (LH--Vital Statistics, vol. 5, page 86):

NOTE: The Worley Family Record book at the Lowel Public Library lists the marriage date for Benjamin Franklin Worley and Mamie Tanner as Aug. 20, 1898, but Mamie Worley's obituary in the Lowell Tribune lists it as Aug. 20, 1899. Since the article on their 52nd anniversary was published in 1950, it would seem that 1898 is the correct year.

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