Descendants of George W. Van Alstine

The following information comes from Toby and Jim Hurley. They added endnotes to indicate where they found their information:


There was a Frank F. Heighway who was the Lake County Superintendent of schools around 1893. He lived in Crown Point in 1918 and died around 1921-2. His wife had Kelsey connections -- her name was included as an attendee of the James J. Kelsey funeral in 1920. G.W. Van Alstine of Monticello and E.E. Van Alstine of Cecil, OH, also attended that funeral. In the Biographical History of Tippecanoe, White, Jasper, Newton, Benton. . . Indiana, published in 1899, it refers to ". . .Minnie, the wife of Frank S. Highway, the principal of the high school at Crown Point." Chances are that the spellings "Heighway" and "Highway" refer to the same man.

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